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From time to time a student's behaviour will require the school to suspend or expel the student. Having your child sent home from school can be one of the most difficult situations for a parent or guardian, and can be very disruptive for your family. If your child is suspended, expelled, or excluded (banned) from school, you may have to stay home from work or arrange daycare; your child may fall behind in school, and may fail to be promoted to the next grade.

The rules and procedures for suspensions and expulsions are set out in the Education Act and Ontario Regulation 472/07 Behavior, Regulation and Discipline of Students (enacted in April 2018)

Suspension Basics as of February 1, 2008

  • If your child is suspended from school, he or she will not be allowed to attend school or participate in school-related activities for a period of one school day to a maximum of 20 school days.
  • The parent, guardian or adult student must receive written notice of the suspension UNLESS:
    • The student is at least 18 years old; or
    • The student is 16 or 17 years old and has withdrawn from parental control
  • The written notice of the suspension should tell you how long your child will be suspended, the reason for the suspension, information about any program for suspended pupils to which the student has bene assigned, and information about the right to appeal the suspension.
  • Parents should talk to the teacher or Principal to make sure that schoolwork is sent home during a suspension.
  • Parents and adult students have a right to appeal a decision to suspend.

How Long can a Student be Suspended?

The minimum duration of a suspension is one school day; the maximum duration is 20 school days.

Students that are suspended are not allowed to return to school or to be on school property for the duration of the suspension and are suspended from engaging in all school-related activities.

Talk to the Principal and classroom teacher if the suspension is going to interfere with important activities outside of classroom hours.

Who can Suspend a Student from School?

Principals can suspend a student for one school day to a maximum of twenty school days. On suspending a pupil, the principal will be required to assign him or her to a program for suspended pupils provided by the Board. The Principal must also conduct an investigation to determine whether to recommend to the Board that the pupil be expelled.

A Principal may suspend students for activities listed below that may lead to suspension and must suspend students that have committed an infraction for which suspension is mandatory.

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