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My Child has been Banned from School because of Safety Concerns

Principals have the power to refuse to allow your child to attend school.

One of these powers is to suspend a student.  Parents (and students 16 years or older) have the right to request a review of a suspension to the School Board.

Students can also be excluded from school for failing to be immunized, or there is some other health concern, such as lice, chickenpox, measles, etc.

O. Reg. 474/00 - Access to School Premises

A Principal (or other person authorized by the Board) can exclude you, or your child, from school premises if he or she determines that your presence, or the presence of your child, is detrimental to the safety or well-being of another person on the premises.

Banning a student from school is not the right way to deal with behaviour issues.  When the issue is a student's behaviour, Principals have the power to suspend or expel a student.

Under O. Reg. 474/00 or Section 305 of the Education Act, there is no formal right to appeal a decision to ban a person from school premises.

If a student is suspended, at least parents have the right to request a review or appeal the decision.

Section 265 (m) - Duties of Principals

Under section 265 (m) of the Education Act, Principals have a duty to refuse to admit to the school or classroom any person whose presence in the school or classroom, in the Principal's judgment, would be detrimental to the physical or mental well-being of students in the school.

The decision to ban a person from school premises under Section 265 can be appealed to the School Board.

In general, Section 265 (m) is not intended for students, but for unwelcome visitors to the school.

"I have been Banned from School Premises!"

If you have been banned from school premises see Basic Advocacy Skills -- Access to School Premises

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