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"I'm Not Sure if my Child has been Suspended"

If you are not sure your child has been suspended, he or she has probably not been suspended.

If your child has not been suspended, but you have been told your child cannot attend school, there is a problem.

Your child has not been suspended if:

There is no paper work (If you did not receive written notice of the suspension);
You are not told how long your child will be suspended from school;  or
You are not informed of your right to review or appeal the decision.

Lindsay Moir, a special education consultant, has written that "Many parents report 'suspensions' that are 'indefinite'."

If your child is sent home, and you are told that they are finished for the school year, and to try again for the following school year, this is not a suspension unless you receive written notice of the suspension, and you are informed that you may request a review, or appeal, the decision to suspend.

Moir writes that if  . . .

there is no paper work and no appeal process - they are not suspended - they are parentally withdrawn [see Temporary Withdrawal below].

For the school, they have achieved their goal of not having to deal with the student - without having to go through the legal process.

If everyone acts like the child is suspended - they are de facto suspended!  I get 15 to 20 cases of pseudo-suspension and expulsion every year.

Find out from the Principal, why your child has been banned (excluded) from school.  Ask for this reason in writing.  If you are not satisfied with the Principal's response, write a letter of concern to a supervisory officer (Superintendent of Education) at the School Board, or call the School Board to find out the maximum duration of a voluntary withdrawal.

If you have not agreed to voluntarily withdraw your child from school, your child's right to an education may be being violated.  Remember your main goal is to get your child back into school as quickly as possible.  Finding a support person, and staying involved is the only way to make this happen.

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