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You can help to prevent your child from being suspended by talking to your child about the rules at school—the school’s Code of Conduct—and the consequences of breaking these rules.

If you have had problems with your child’s behaviour in the past that may lead to problems at school, let the teacher know. Good parent advocates will form relationships with their child’s teachers, and work with them to decide what to do if there is a problem.

The consequence of sending a student home from school for bad behaviour is to leave it up to the parent or guardian to decide on the appropriate punishment or instruction. Suspensions are supposed to be a form of punishment which teaches children that some forms of behaviour are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If children or youth are free to watch T.V. or play video games all day, it is not difficult to imagine your child getting to like this kind of suspension. Parents thus have some responsibility to work with the school when educators and parents agree that some form of discipline is necessary.

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