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What is the Child and Family Services Review Board?

The Child and Family Services Review Board provides an avenue of appeal of decisions in a number of areas of law.  These areas include appeals of School Board decisions to expel a student.

The CFSRB is an independent body, and its decisions are not subject to review by the minister or an official of the ministry.

The Review Board may do any of the following:

  • Agree with the School Board’s decision
  • Modify the type or duration of the expulsion
  • Impose, change or remove conditions that must be satisfied if the pupil is to return to school in Ontario following an expulsion
  • Overrule the decision of the board and reinstate the pupil
  • If the decision of the board is overruled, order that any record of the expulsion be expunged, if appropriate

If you wish to appeal a decision to suspend, or file a human rights complaint (See Filing a Human Rights Complaint-OHRC), you may want to consult a lawyer with experience in education law issues.
We have information on how to find a lawyer in Ontario with education law experience in the section on Basic Advocacy Skills—I need a Lawyer!

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