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Active Listening

Sometimes people in a conversation do not always hear what the other person is saying because they are arguing with the other person in their head.

When you are upset or thinking about something else (like what you want to say next), you may not really be listening. 

Active listening means staying calm and quiet, and focusing on what the other person is saying.

Repeat the main points back to the other person, so that they know that you have been listening and understand what they are saying. 

A good active listener will also take notes while they are listening to other people at a meeting or during a telephone call.

Always have a pen and paper when you a speaking with school or School Board personnel.  Write down any important information, and include the name/s of the people at a meeting, or the person you are speaking with on the phone.  Also include the date and time of the conversation.  Write down any actions that you have agreed to take, as well as any actions that the other people have agreed to take.

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